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  • Nathaly on 2013-Mar-18 22:24:58 Nathaly said

    Just ate at Jui Thai Asian Cafe at 787 Bethel Road (the former lootaicn of Lilly's) and they had a very interesting menu with none of the typical lunch special dishes. I had the Delicious Pork Cake ($3, very tasty) and the Hot Pot ($6) which had noodles, bok choi, napa, luncheon meat, quail egg, bean skin, and fish ball. The hot pot was saltier and more oily than I anticipated, but was delicious all the same. I plan to return with my family next week to try more dishes.
  • Mickey on 2016-Jan-20 10:54:12 Mickey said

    I was selriusoy at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.